How To Invest In ETS - With As Little As $100

Investing is no longer just for the already wealthy. Now, with ETS, ANYONE can get started. In this course, you'll see the steps for how to invest in ETS and get started in less than an hour. Plus, you'll see how you might qualify to get $10 in Bitcoin!
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About This Product:

If you've been looking for a way to get started investing money, but don't know where to start and don't have a lot to invest - you are in the right place!  Investing is no longer for the "rich" or the "wealthy".  Anybody can get started, and with this mini-course, you can get started in an hour or less.

This mini-course walks you through the steps of investing with ETS.  The course is free - so you get to decide if the strategy is right for you before you invest in anything.

You'll learn:
  • The trading company that offers a 10% return on investment every 2 weeks
  • How to fund your account quickly and effectively, so you get started TODAY - no waiting for funds to clear, you'll get the tips to speed up the process
  • How you can share your referral link

This mini-course includes...
  1. 3 video modules
  2. Step-by-step instructions to get started in an hour or less
  3. PDF Quick Reference Guide

Session 1 // What Trading Company Offers 10% ROI Every 2 Weeks (30% ROI Every 6 Weeks)?
Everyone wants to know where the best place is to invest your money.  In this session, I share with you the trading company I use to earn 10% ROI every 2 weeks and 30% ROI every 6 weeks!

Session 2 // The Simple Way To Fund Your Investment & Check Your Qualification For $10 of Bitcoin
These tips will get you funded, so you're on your way to investing.  This session walks you through the things you should DO and the things you should AVOID if you want to get started.

Session 3 // How You Could Earn Money From Referrals
Once you've found a good thing, you want to tell all your friends and family about it (that's how I found out about it, my best friend).  This session will show you how to find your referral link to share.  Plus, you'll find out how you can get a copy of this mini-course to use for your educational tool.  You can help your friends and family get started in an hour or less, too!

Session 4 // Case Study from Kim
The proof is in the screenshots.  I'll continue to check in and provide my progress through this case study section.  My best friend has been doing this for years, and his cousin told him about it...and he's been doing it A LOT longer.  How does a newbie fair in this brave new world?  Review the screenshots and additional content!  You'll get an email when I add new content showing my progress.

This information is intended to be educational and is not tailored to the investment needs of any specific investor. Investing in tokens, cryptocurrencies and other securities involves risks, including the loss of principal. Crypto markets can be more volatile than mainstream markets due to increased risks of adverse issuer, political, market, or economic developments, all of which are magnified in crypto or emerging markets. These risks are particularly significant for investments that focus on a single token or cryptocurrency.
Who's behind it?
I'm Kim Eason Christian, a single mom of a beautiful 9-year old daughter.  For the first 8 years of my daughter's life, I home-schooled her and finished up my PhD.  Despite an extensive formal education, I was not equipped for a surprise divorce with a nasty custody battle.  After winning sole-custody of my daughter, I realized I needed to find a better way to bring in passive income so I could spend less time working in my businesses and more time with my daughter.  Plus, I wanted the financial freedom to be able to pay for all the extra-curricular activities my daughter wants to enjoy.  My best friend told me about this system.  I followed the "instructions" inside the platforms and it took me about 8 days to get started because I was completely new to investing and the faster funding methods.  I realized I could have started much faster if I just knew a few of the tips.  Since my best friend had been doing this for a while, he didn't even realize the points where I got stuck.  So, I put this mini-course together to walk others through it.

I've added in some additional tips and resources for you to check out.  Due to regulations in the financial industry, I can't share this information "publicly"...but I can share it in a private course!  I invite you to join me on this investment adventure, and if you watch the information and it's not for you - no worries!  We can stay new best friends and I'll share some of my other methods with you through email and in my private Facebook Group (details inside on how to join).  Don't wait for your next surprise crisis or disaster to start investing.  

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A Quick Overview Of The Steps
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Signing Up For ETS
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How To Qualify For $10 in Bitcoin
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Buying Bitcoin To Fund ETS
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Sending Bitcoin To ETS
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Finding Your ETS Referral Link
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Finding Your Coinbase Referral Link
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How To Get A Copy Of This Course For Your Use
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Withdraw Funds
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Contact Me This Way
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Starla Batie
Sep 04, 2023
Kim Eason Christian

Kim Eason loves helping others succeed online. After responding to hundreds (maybe thousands) of disasters, she fine-tuned her focus on helping people build the resources to support themselves no matter what life gives them.
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Kim Eason is a single mom of an amazing daughter, an entrepreneur with multiple online businesses, and has a passion for helping people achieve their online business goals.  Her educational background is diverse, with expertise in emergency and disaster management, criminal justice, homeland security, business continuity, and entrepreneurship.  She earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and teaches for an online university.

Despite extensive formal education, Kim realized that she needed more than theory to build a business.  After implementing her own testing, her own websites, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on various training programs, she realized she could help others build their own businesses - regardless of their formal education.  She has owned eCommerce businesses since 1997 and sells on Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces.  She has built hundreds of websites for herself and clients, with a focus on automating as many processes as possible.  Some of the topics Kim loves to discuss and test include social media marketing, automating processes (especially automating to social media), search engine optimization, funnel building, messenger marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, print on demand...and plenty more!

In 2022, she partnered with her sister to build a new online Marketplace, Merchlet.  Merchlet was created to help bridge the gap between marketplace businesses and creating your own website.  Merchlet acts as a marketplace with an emphasis on sellers having their own space, customers, and automation.
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